My Feet’s Addiction

Do you know the feeling like when you were a kid and you saw or glimpsed a toy or candy that you liked? And then when you had it you felt euphoric beyond imagining? Haha. It may sound cray but it’s true (but some may just be meh about it)!
That’s how I feel whenever I see a pair of shoes or sandals (even mandals) displayed in stores and I just want to have them like A-SAP!

The three-strapped mandals that got me panic-buying! Haha!

I have this belief that when you buy clothes you mustn’t forget what your feet’s going to wear and it’s a necessity and must never be forgotten even if it’ll cost you your whole month’s salary (damn you not-everyday-sale-but-quarterly!). It’s just like food. And you’re most favorite thing in the whole, wide crazy world. You can’t live without them!
But I’m not trying to say that buying a pair on sale is a bad thing. This is just me saying. Hehe. Because majority of the population go crazy during sales even the rich ones (I’m kidding, right?) but it’s effing true! Global recession, darlings! As long as you feel good and comfy with the pair then I’d say go ahead and get those and be happy!

I just love this that I bought from SM City Cebu! My most favorite pair!

Published by: luigiegay

I do my spare time blogging about fashion. It is just like morphine for my mind. It sobers me. Makes me so joyful and enthusiastic. I just don't understand why other people can't and won't appreciate fashion? Why are they so judgmental and would say "it's crazy!" even when you're not? Being unappreciative in fashion is a person who is very ignorant and daft. Fashion is art and art being worn and expressed. It is not weird and funny. Well, fashion is my life and I live by its rules.

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