Nine circles of hell

Strong Language

For all of its eternal damnation, hell can seem pretty weak when it comes to strong language. Fuck and bitch, say, can rain down some serious fire and brimstone, but hell? Religious-based swears may not bring the same heat they once did in English, but hell still hath a lot of fury if we look at the many ways it bedevils our tongue. From hell yes! to hell-to-the-no, let’s take a tour of some of the linguistic uses—er, circles—of hell. 

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Published by: luigiegay

I do my spare time blogging about fashion. It is just like morphine for my mind. It sobers me. Makes me so joyful and enthusiastic. I just don't understand why other people can't and won't appreciate fashion? Why are they so judgmental and would say "it's crazy!" even when you're not? Being unappreciative in fashion is a person who is very ignorant and daft. Fashion is art and art being worn and expressed. It is not weird and funny. Well, fashion is my life and I live by its rules.

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